Group Code of Conduct


Parker Corporation Group Code of Conduct

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Comply with Laws, Regulations and Internal Rules and be active fairly with sense of responsibility.

2. Customers Trust

Capture customers trust through providing products/service which meet customer’s requirement.

3. Mutual Trust-ship with business partners

Build up mutual trust-ship and respect with fair competition and progress together with business partners in procurement activities.

4. Support and understanding from Shareholders and Creditors

Strive to communicate accurate and furnish timely information to respected shareholders and creditors to understand and support through transparent business administration.

5. Human Resources Priority

Prepare good working environment where employees feel worth working and be able to show each capability. Prepare educational opportunity for that purpose.

6. Promoting Safety and sanitary condition

Recognize the importance of working environmental safety and sanitary condition and act to preserve independently and positively.

7. Environment Preservation

Observe and comply with environmental related laws and regulations and act for preservation of earth environment.

8. Reliable Accounting

Report accurately and disclose properly financial/accounting records with accordance of Corporate Accounting Rules and guidelines.

9. Handling of Anti-Social Forces

Never conduct any business with Anti-Social Forces which illegally disturb public order or threat the safety of society.

10. Global Business Activity

Respect the culture and customs of every nation and undertake to contribute local development through business operation.

11. Management Assignment

Management take initiative in enforcing this Code of Conduct and making full dissemination this to all Parker Corporation Group.